Newbury Physical Education Remote Learning

Good Morning Newbury!


Welcome to our Remote Learning Physical Education Class. I hope everyone is having a great start to the day! We will have a weekly activity for you the next couple weeks, so just follow along to the best of your ability and have fun! You only have to watch the videos or do the assignments on the days you have Physical Education (Gym), but we encourage you to use the videos and assignments every day, or at least exercise every day!


Please check in on the days that are you scheduled for physical education (Gym). 


In addition to these assignments, get outside and play as much as possible! Below is a list of ideas for exercising for both inside and outside activity. Just be sure to ask your parents/guardians before any activity.


Jogging     Walking     Playing in the yard     Shooting basketballs     Soccer     Walking your dog Walking the boardwalk     Ride your bike     Skateboard     Plank     Pushups     ABC pushups

Sit-ups     Crunches     Yoga     Stretch     Jumping Jacks     Berpes     Dancing     Simon Says     Throw and catch     Jump Rope     Hopscotch     Frisbee     Kick/dribble soccer ball     Hula hoop Trampoline     YouTube fitness videos on my schoology page.


During your time off from school, we would like you to keep track of your fitness. All you have to do is list the physical activities you do each day, and write down how long you were active for. This should only take a minute or two per day. You only have to record your activity for your 2 PE days, but we encourage you to fill it out every day! I provided an example of a chart below if you would like to print it out, or just write it down. Stay Active!


For example:


Activities: riding my bike, playing basketball in the driveway, assigned 10 minute YouTube workout

Time: About 1 hour and 30 minutes.



Activity & # of Minutes

Activity & # of Minutes

Activity & # of Minutes

Total Minutes

Tue. 3/17





Wed. 3/18





Thur. 3/19





Fri. 3/20





Sat. 3/21





Sun. 3/22





Mon. 3/23





Tue. 3/24





Wed. 3/25





Thur. 3/26





Fri. 3/27





Sat. 3/28





Sun. 3/29





We will be checking your fitness charts when you get back to school.


If you have any questions please feel free to email me at Stay healthy!