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Welcome to Media!

Our media center is an interactive space where students come to be enriched in literature, check out books, and engage in many STEAM and Makerspace activities. Many of our activities utilize the engineering design process allowing students the opportunity to apply concepts they are learning about while collaborating, analyzing, creating, and presenting authentic projects that express their learning. Our work in the media center develops future ready leaders of the 21st century. Please visit our site often to see the many wonderful lessons and activities in action!
Please note, we are always accepting donations of recycled materials. Please see the attached list in the side bar of items we are regularly in need of.
Thanks for helping us to REUSE. 
Weekly Schedule:
Media Specialists:
Mon. - Mrs. Schneider
Tues. -Mrs. Schneider
Wed. -Mrs. Schneider
Thurs. -Mrs. Flugrath
Media Assistant:
Mrs. Flanagan
Mon., Tues., Fri.
Newbury School- Ext. 5058
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