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Principal's Message

August 31, 2020


Dear Newbury School Parents/Guardians and Students:


            WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!  We can’t wait to see you!!!  We all know how terrible this has all been and all the planning and preparation that has been taking place for your safe return, so let’s jump right into it.  Here’s what you need to know (with more to come, I’m sure):


  • Laptop pickup will take place on September 8th. We will send out the details in a separate message with times and location.  If you have not already done so, please complete the forms related to laptop pick up so we can make it a contact-less situation.


  • School will open on September 10th. Students in the A cohort will be in school that day.  Students in the B cohort will be home on remote learning.  The fully remote cohort will obviously be on remote learning.
  • September 11th will be in school for the B cohort and remote learning for the A cohort.
  • Beginning on September 14th, the cohorts will move to the A cohort being in school on Monday – Tuesday, and the B cohort being in school on Thursday – Friday. If you are not in school, then you are remote.  All students are remote on Wednesdays.

Daily Health Screening:

  • Parents are required to screen your child/children at home each evening and morning prior to coming to school. If there are any symptoms of illness, particularly related to Covid-19, then parents are expected to keep their child home that day or for as long as the illness lasts.  If symptoms related to Covid-19 are present, you are strongly advised to pursue testing through your physician or other available testing facilities.  Teachers will be looking for signs of illness in students and will be sending students to the nurse, as needed.  Children will be sent home if they show signs of illness and additional measures may be taken requiring time on remote learning for students demonstrating illness in school.  PLEASE do not send students to school sick.


  • Bus arrival will take place in the back of the school near the playground. Students will exit buses one bus at a time and enter the school with staff supervision.  Students must wear a mask on the bus at all times.  No food or drinks are permitted to be consumed on the bus.  Distancing must be maintained as best as possible on the bus.
  • Walkers/Parent Drop off will take place in the front of the school. Staff will direct students to exit vehicles and maintain distancing as they enter the school.  Please wait for a staff member to direct you to have your child exit the vehicle before allowing them to do so.  We will do this as quickly and safely as possible.  There are many parents choosing to transport their child this year, so please be patient.
  • Upon entering the school, students will follow the arrows and signs on the floor that direct traffic within each hallway. Based upon the area of the building, hallways may be “one way” or students will be asked to stay to the right if one-way is not possible in that location.
  • Doors will open for students at 8:30. Please do not leave your child unaccompanied outside when no staff are present.
  • If you are permitting your child to travel to and from school (via bike or walking), a permission slip must be provided to the main office before doing so. Contact our office for more information on this.
  • Homeroom begins at 8:35 each morning. Students will report to their assigned homerooms if they are in school that day.  Students who are remote should begin signing in between 8:35 and 8:40 for homeroom and a morning meeting.
  • Homerooms will be extended to allow for the longer arrival time and the time to get students logged on both in school and at home. The morning meeting will help to get their day started.

Instructional Blocks:

  • The hybrid school day is 4 hours and 15 minutes long for the in-school portion of the day.
  • The first instructional period will begin at 9:00 and run for one hour.
  • There are 3 one-hour instructional blocks during the morning.
  • There are 10-minute breaks built into the schedule between the instructional blocks. These will be mask breaks and we will arrange times for students to leave their classrooms and be able to move around for a few minutes.
  • The instructional blocks will include 1 hour for Reading/Language Arts, 1 hour for Math, and 1 hour that is divided into time for Writing and time for either Science or Social Studies (depending on the unit being worked on).


  • At approximately 12:20, students will return to their homerooms (in person or remotely). An end of day meeting with the teacher will take place to ensure that students understand the expectations for the remainder of the day.
  • As we are trying to coordinate dismissal with LOP (we have a number of parents who have to pick up at both locations), we will begin parent pickup dismissal between 12:40 – 12:45.
  • Pickup for 3rd grade students will take place outside of the gym doors in the front of the school.
  • Pickup for 4th grade students will take place outside of the main entrance.
  • Pickup for 5th grade students will take place at the corner near the circle in the front of the school. This is at the end of the fifth grade hallway nearest the computer lab.
  • If a parent is picking up more than one child in different grade levels, we will ask that the older students go to the location of the younger students for dismissal. For example, a parent with a child in both 5th and 3rd grades would pick up both children at the 3rd grade location outside the gym doors.
  • Bus dismissal will take place on the back circle near the playground. Students will be called one bus at a time for dismissal to maintain distancing.

Asynchronous Remote Learning for Special Area Classes:

  • Special area classes will take place after school. Students will be given time to get home from school, sanitize, and eat lunch. 
  • Students will then be expected to attend their special area class via Schoology, where they can locate information needed for their class.
  • Special Area teachers will be teaching multiple sections of classes at one time. Therefore, their instruction will be asynchronous and they will be doing a pre-designed lesson and students will be submitting their assignments electronically.  The teachers will advise students and parents of their “office hours” in which they can be contacted during that time.  If a student has difficulty of any kind and needs to contact the teacher, they will be able to do so.

Patience and Teamwork:

  • We are all very frustrated by the situation that we are in related to the pandemic. In order to be successful, we must all work together.  This includes making sure that you are adhering to the health protocols in order to help us be able to stay in a hybrid status and even possibly move to a less restrictive status down the road.  If we see a spike in cases, we will be likely to be heading toward a fully remote situation again.
  • If you are having problems of any kind that we could possibly assist you with, please call or email. You can call the office, your child’s teacher, guidance, child study team, nurse, etc.  Rather than post a question in anger on Facebook, please let us try to help you instead.
  • Remember that we are all bound to rules, regulations, mandates, and guidelines. If a staff member needs to remind you about wearing your mask, needing an ID to pick up a child, or any other rule or situation that needs attention, please cooperate.  We are all in this together and need to work together to be successful.


This is a start to all of the information that you will need and the questions that you may have.  We will share additional information over the next week and throughout the school year.  As always, if you have any questions or are in need of assistance, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.  Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!!!  Go Cobras!!!




James P. Quinn, Jr., Ed.D.



Joshua J. Caruso

Vice Principal/Supervisor of Professional Development


Newbury Elementary 2020 Welcome Message