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Principal's Message

Dear Newbury School Community!



The new school year is upon us and we are so excited to welcome students back to five full days of in-person instruction!  Last year provided us with the knowledge and tools to maximize student experiences for this school year with an overarching goal of maintaining a safe and healthy environment.  In anticipation of the first day for students on Thursday, September 9th, please take a moment to review the important information contained below.


Mask Requirements

As per Executive Order 251, all individuals are required to wear masks within the indoor portions of the school buildings.  Please know that regular, structured, and safe mask breaks will be provided throughout the day.


Physical Distancing

Within classrooms, maintain 3 feet of physical distancing to the greatest extent practicable.

Outside of classrooms including in hallways, indoor and outdoor physical education settings, and school-sponsored transportation, maintain physical distancing to the greatest extent practicable.


Exclusion Due to COVID-19 Symptoms and Exposure

Parents/caregivers should monitor their children for symptoms of illness each day.  Students who are ill should not attend school and should contact their school nurse for direction on when they can return to school.  Schools will continue to utilize the most current guidance from the New Jersey Department of Health.  School staff will be required to assist in contact tracing and potentially exclude students based upon symptom screening and/or exposure to an individual with COVID-19. 



Transportation Information

Please be patient and understanding while bus drivers and families learn the routine. Buses are always delayed both in the morning and afternoon during the first several days of the year.  Please remember to be at the bus stop 15 minutes prior and after the posted time you have received from the Transportation Department. Phone volume will be very high at both the schools and the Transportation Department. For nonemergency calls, please avoid high call periods of 6:00AM and 9:45 AM or between 1:30 PM and 3:45 PM. This will allow our Transportation Department to best serve our community’s needs and provide the highest level of service. Transportation Department can be reached at 732-202-1740 or you can call us at school at 732-751-2491 and follow the prompts for a connection to transportation.


Student Drop Off Information

Parent drop offs and pickups will take place in the front of the school.  For arrival in the morning, parents can line up cars along the curb/sidewalk in front of the school.  Please be patient and stay in the line.  It will move quickly.  Please DO NOT drop off your child in another location that would require them to cross the parking lot during this busy time.  Doors will open at 8:40 to begin the drop off process.

For parent pickups during afternoon dismissal, please follow the directions of staff in the front of the school.  Fifth grade parents should proceed through the small parking lot in the front of school and go around the big circle.  Fifth grade pickups will take place from the corner near the circle up to the end of the media center (where the building is closest to the sidewalk).  Fifth grade students will dismiss from the end of the fifth-grade hallway nearest the curb by the circle.

Fourth grade pickups will be dismissed from the front entrance.  Fourth grade parents should proceed through the small parking lot (do not go into the circle area) and bypass the fifth-grade parents to line up from the end of the media center through the front entrance of the building.

Third grade pickups will take place from the gym doors near the front sign.  Third grade parents should keep to the left when entering the parking lot and line up by the island across from the main entrance if there is no room in the third-grade pickup area.  The actual pickup area will be along the curb nearest the gym up through the front sign area. 

Please follow the directions of staff to keep the pickup and drop-off process smooth for everyone.  Parent pickups will begin at approximately 3:12 to allow for parents with children at LOP to be able to get to both locations in a timely manner and not leave the younger students waiting too long for a parent pickup.

Please stay in your car.

Please put a sign with your child’s last name on it attached to your passenger side window and visible for staff to see.

Please have your ID ready for staff to check for the dismissal process.


Lunch Information

 (Building Based)


All students are entitled to a qualifying breakfast and lunch at no charge to the family and will be subsidized by USDA. Although based on the COVID relief programs Free Breakfast and Lunch are universal this year, it is still important for ALL families to complete the Free and Reduced application as the data is used for other Federal and local programs.

Lunches will consist of assigned seats that are distanced to 3 feet or more when practicable.  Students will be seated in every other seat at the cafeteria tables and there are additional folding tables placed in the cafeteria to allow for more distancing when possible.  Students with nut allergies will be spaced as best as possible, and the additional folding tables may be used to assist with those needs.  Please check the food services web site on the district web page for food information that will assist with food allergies.  https://howell.nutrislice.com/


Thank you all for your support, cooperation, and consideration as we do our best to bring all our students back to school in a full day setting.  With your continued cooperation and support, we hope to find success with our procedures and build upon them to provide greater opportunities for our students throughout the year as situations and settings permit.  Remember, if your child is sick, please keep them home.  Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!  Stay safe!




Dr. Quinn and Mrs. Stigliano

Newbury School Administrative Team