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About Newbury School

Our staff and students here at Newbury School have conducted some research to determine the history of the school and how we got our name. This information was enhanced by former Newbury School student, Mr. Bill Bogdan, who contacted us after checking our web site.

Newbury School was built in 1963. At that time, it was required of builders to provide a school building in any neighborhood that they built in the area. Newbury School was initially known as Candlewood-Salem Hill Elementary School. All children from the Pinewood, Salem Hill, and Candlewood developments walked to our school. The first construction addition took place in 1967, when Newbury School was expanded from one hall of classrooms to two hallways that were connected by a third hallway in the center. The footprint of the school was shaped like a lower case "h".

Before 1971, children were required to walk home for lunch. You could not eat lunch at the school without a note from your parents as to why you could not go home for lunch. Gym classes on rainy days took place in the classroom.

Eventually, children from Candlewood went to the newly constructed Taunton School, located on Taunton Drive. The basis for the name change to Newbury School was nothing more than the fact that the school is located on Newbury Road. Newbury Road gets its name from New England, where there are several towns named Newbury. Many of the surrounding streets bear other New England-based names, as well.

The second construction addition took place in 1971. Classrooms, an all-purpose room (gym), and the kitchen were built. This created a footprint shaped as an upper-case "H". (The cost of a hot lunch at that time was 35 cents, and milk was 4 cents.) At that point, the school was a k-5 building. After fifth grade, the students were sent to Land o' Pines School.

In 1989, the rest of the building was added (the front section). This section includes several classrooms, the computer lab, the science room, the media center, and the gym.

If you are aware of any additional information about the history of Newbury School, please feel free to share it with us. Thanks to our staff, students, and Mr. Bogdan for the information that they have provided.